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So in a way, you don’t pay for me at all (but you do grow your business)

Copywriter Sean
11 Year Copywriter & Content Marketer

  • Get there faster with experience: Over a dozen clients are showcased on this page, all doing better for themselves as a direct result of my sales copywriting. I’d like to add your own success story to the pile.
  • Work with someone who knows your business. I’ve worked in dozens of industries, from finance to health, real estate to parenting. The principles of sales are the same and once I fully research your offer and market, we can outperform your competition as well.

Dear business leader,

modalbookGood copywriters can make lots of sales for your business.

Bad ones can lose the same amount, both money and potential (On top of the fee they charge!).

So where am I on the totem pole, you wonder?

Well, the best evidence is prior experience and results. My clients, for the most part, have been ecstatic with their results, and their feedback is shown here for your evaluation.

“From Complex Financial Jargon to Clear, Sellable Presentation”


“I am a conversion specialist and copywriter myself who needed some work done that I didn’t have time for and let me tell you Sean delivered. Excellent communication but most importantly the quality of work is top notch. He took a difficult concept (one we had been working on for months) and boiled it down quickly into powerful copy. Our client said “it’s just awesome”. I will definitely use Sean again!”

Dave Prichard, Conversion Diagnostics


A copywriter is a salesman who uses ink and type to sell.

Therefore you’ll probably want to hire somebody who’s actually sold something before in person. It’s the only way to get a sense of what lights people’s eyes up — or shuts them off. You have to experience it firsthand.

Not only have I sold face-to-face, but also through print and digital. Here’s a brief background on my history as a salesman and marketer:

House Painting Sales: House painting jobs are big ticket sales, and usually nonessential (except on overdue exterior jobs).

It’s a field where you really learn how to sell on vision. Painting the picture of how great the house will look at dinner parties. How it’ll pay for itself by improving the curb appeal and home value.

I started here as a young sales rookie, learning what made people tick, what compelled them to offset the pain of spending money against the benefits of purchase. It was a valuable learning experience and one that set me up to properly sell through ink.

Contractor Marketing: After learning the craft of sales in a sales capacity, I took what I knew about the home improvement industry and started building websites for other contractors.

This evolved into a lead generation business for the home improvement industry, a business I still run to this day in the off-line world.

Direct Response Marketing: My current focus is direct response marketing, including the copywriting services you find on this page. I work directly with businesses in need of high powered sales materials that pay for themselves. I’ve been doing this for over a decade now.


“How that Possible? Gifted at Copywriting AND Design?”


“Sean D did a fantastic job on our project. He’s not only an extremely gifted copywriter but also an exceptional designer as well. He also completed the project – which included direct response email copy along with landing page copy and design – way before the delivery date. We will definitely be hiring him for all our future projects and will be recommending him to all our friends and business associates.”

Barry Mcgee

How can I help you make more money?

By doing for you what I’ve done for others…

Here and throughout the rest of this page I’ve included for your review:

Case studies from past clients. Telling the story of where they started, what we changed, and results after the makeover.

Samples of actual sales materials I’ve written. Opt-in pages, sales pages, email sequences, postcards and brochures.

Critique videos I use these to help clients make changes to their sales pages and marketing funnels. The goal is to lift conversion rates with incremental improvements.

A demonstration of my entire copy creation process, start to finish. It’s important to understand what goes into making a good ad, especially because we work together at the beginning of the process.

Send me a message if you have any questions prior to our assignment. My phone number as well as a contact form are provided towards the bottom of this page.

“He’ll train you on how to better understand your customers”


“Sean produced an analysis of my target customers. I learned a process I can do on my own in the future to analyze my target market, to develop leads, etc.
If you work with Sean, he will show you something new you didn’t know about your target customer — that makes you a lot smarter and more efficient in all your marketing efforts.”

Gale Stafford, Stafford Management Consulting

Copywriting Samples

What image are you looking to create for your business – or yourself?

After all, I am writing on your behalf. The voice should carry your personality, not your copywriter’s.

Here are a few samples I’ve written, showcasing different voices & styles of sales copywriting. These will give you an idea of what options you have when creating an audience tailored personality behind your messages.

The Celebrity Friend
If you’ve ever watched a good primetime TV series, you already know the celebrity friend at a very personal level.

He’s the guy you could talk about with one of your real friends as if he was a real person.

Of course, the celebrity friend is extra wacky, extra funny, extra smart. That’s why he (or she) is so memorable. So easy to remember.

And that’s why fans are able to connect deeply with him or her even via one-way communication.

You and I can do the same thing in your sales promotions. It’s an ultra-powerful way of getting people to connect and relate with you, and ultimately trust you with their money.

Who would you rather buy from: one of your friends that you’ve known for a long time, or a big company? That’s the power of using a celebrity friend.

Take a look at this health guru example to see for yourself how the celebrity friend can be incorporated in a powerful way, and keep your fan base loyal to you alone.

The Cool Company
The type of company that people love.

They respond to emails within the hour.

When you call them, they pick up, with a real person that can actually help you without forwarding you to 3 different departments.

This company’s friendly, down to earth, usually lifestyle oriented in some way, and always has a vision that goes beyond money.

That’s what makes them cool.

This is a great voice for e-commerce, brick and mortar retail, personal services, and businesses that promotes heavily on social media (especially lifestyle brands). Cool Company voicing allows you to build a brand personality that connects emotional, a powerful combination for businesses who want to be “known by name.”

Example: “Showcasing e-Commerce Products through Video”

After we performed a complete marketing makeover of this music retailer’s website, the company went from obscure and barely surviving, to high six-figure annual revenues in 18 months.

The Soft Pitch
There are a lot of times where you want to convince people without looking like a persuader.

Free media attention opportunities are one such situation. They’ll test your ability to pitch in a soft, media friendly way that feels like news, making your media partner happy.

But to be effective, your media spot also needs to sell. Sell too much and you won’t get aired. Don’t sell enough,  and people won’t go to your website or think about you.

I did the following press release for an info product seller in a hot button industry, the world of “sugar dating.”

You can imagine that teaching girls how to latch onto wealthy man and receive expensive gifts, sometimes even financial support, would be a pretty powerful topic to spin into the media. And that’s exactly what we did through extensive PR campaigning.

But you don’t need to be in hot button industry, you just need to be creative. See the example to understand how to use soft pitches to great effect.

The Hard Pitch
Punchy video sales letters tend to use these traditional “buying temperature” raising sales formats.

They’re good because they waste no time, highlighting the pain point up front and forcing the target audience to pay attention through sheer interested in what’s being discussed.

Hard pitches can be very effective once you’ve whittled down your audience to desperate buyers. Almost all targeted online paid traffic sources and offline customer lists are ripe for some good hard pitches.

These are just 2 examples of ripe opportunities for extra sales. Virtually every business has more.

Now that you have a sense of controlling your sales voice to suit different purposes, let’s take a look at another commonly neglected aspect of sales….

“The Message Just Flows”


“I really enjoyed working with Sean, he’s amazing at what he does. The right words, flow, and BAM you’ve got an amazing campaign. Thanks”

Lynda Corliss, COO, MobiTen

Addon: Direct response oriented design

If we were on a busy New York Street corner, do you think you could tell the difference between a beggar and a Wall Street executive?

Of course. If you’re like most people, it’s not hard. You’d look at their grooming, their clothes, and various other external cues.

Cues that cannot be ignored, and tell the full story in subtle ways.

Good design subconsciously tells your customer that you’re the trusted authority, not the fly-by-night shop.

If you’re starting from scratch in your sales effort, or perhaps ready for an overhaul, consider hiring me to handle your text and design in addition to the sales copy itself.

There a lot of messages that could be made better through visuals than pure text alone. This page is a good example of this principle.

Not only do visuals serve a sales purpose, but they also improve readability and comprehension. That’s a huge stumbling block that a lot of digital marketers don’t pay enough attention to.

A page filled top to bottom with text is hard to read. The eye needs relief. It needs to look around and see images, charts, other design elements that tell it where to go next.

Case study: The Value of Good Design

This SaaS startup targeted small businesses with field staff, promising an easier way to manage their schedules and receive cancellation updates.

See for yourself how we made our points, not only through a good written message, but also solid design cues and page sectioning.

“A True ‘Big Picture’ Marketer”


“Talented, big picture, goal-driven, and strong. Very appreciated and will hire again, thanks.”

John West, Adobe Software Essentials

My Ad Writing Process

Any work that follows a process gets more consistent results. No matter who markets your business, be sure they’re not working from the top of their mind alone.

Here’s my own writing process, carved out through years of application and refinement. My customers often have questions about my process and I’m glad to offer full transparency with the work we develop together.

Step 1: Immersion in Customer World

  • Following customer conversations on social media/forums
  • Questionnaire with the product owner
  • Analyze the product/service

Step 2: Competitive Intel

  • Determine the main message and selling points of the competition
  • Competitive gap analysis — what they’re not talking about
  • Product positioning — luxury, value priced, specialist products, etc.

Step 3: Core Message Development

  • Main selling theme development
  • Feature/Advantage/Benefit matrixing
  • Gathering proof elements: case studies, testimonials, video demos, stories

Step 4: Drafting

  • Putting together the case in the right order.

Step 5: Polishing

  • Checking for flow, clarity, easy reading/skimming
  • Integrating graphics, diagrams, other design elements
“2 days later, I’ve already hired him again”


“Enjoyed working with Sean, very communicative, very performance focused – I’ve already started another project with the guy which does rather answer the “Would you use him again?” question.”

Patrick Foley, Investment Advisor
“Above and Beyond”


“I like the results very much and he was always more helpful than expected.”

Gabor Szabo, Adwords Monitoring

How the Process Works

Working with me is simple and straightforward. Here are the steps we’ll follow to create some high converting sales materials for your business or agency:

  1. Get in Contact: Talk to me about your project. Send over any questions you have or information you’d like to receive.
  2. Quotation & Billing: Once the project has been clarified, I will send you an invoice, to be paid before the project gets underway.
  3. Pre-project Questionnaire: I have a standardized brief which is used for all types of projects to get the necessary background information which you possess. It’s an efficient starting point. Oftentimes I use your information to continue with my own research.
  4. Deliverables: I go through through several steps of research, drafting, revising, and editing in the background, finally presenting you with a polished, action ready marketing piece.
  5. Wrap up or Revise: Once you receive your deliverables, we can conclude the assignment, or you may also request revisions to suit your goals.
  6. Take it Live! Take your new sales materials live and wait for the results. And please report them to me so we’re informed together!
“The Right Words Every Time”


“Easy to work with, and finds the right words for your message.”

Michelle B. , PR Coordinator

Contact Me

20405Let’s talk about your writing project. You can reach me through my contact form below, or call me at (844) 644-2221 during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

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My Lifetime “They Pay or I Pay” Guarantee

“If my sales copy doesn’t perform, then the lost revenue comes out of my own pocket”

How do I take out all the risk? By paying for any sales I failed to make for you.

This is how it works. If my sales copy fails to live up to its reputation, and performs worse than a control, it’s me — not you — who’s going to be paying for the sales that you lost.

I cover the amount of lost sales relative to the control’s performance.

That’s my way of showing you that I’m going to work damn hard on every single assignment I get, or else pay for it myself.

PS: Thanks for looking through my samples and case studies from prior clients in consideration of working together on your sales. If you like what you see, and  want to be added to the success pile on this page, please do reach out. My guarantee ensures that either copy sells, or I pay for the lost revenues myself.

My extensive history of bringing sales results to my clients speaks to my ability to add sales to your own business. Let’s do it together!