The Guide on Choosing the Niche that Makes Money

How do you choose the right Niche?

Spending 5 hours when doing Niche evaluation could assure the success of your business for the next years to come.

To show you on how to choose and start your business right, I’ve created tactics and tips that you should ponder on.

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It has been a proven strategy to have a strong grounding in terms of the niche you choose before even starting a business.


You might think money here is huge. Well it is if you can compete in this huge world full of big entrepreneurs.

Clickbank is what we’re going to focus for today because I see it like a public sphere in terms of creating an info product business that we’re trying to do with affiliates. There are other products  outside Clickbank domains. In totally, you need Clickbank to be successful in tracking affiliates and certainly this will not push you on the wrong direction.

Mid sized Niches

A Gravity Score between 20 – 80 or so represents a Mid sized Niche. Gravity Score is an indicator of how popular a product is with affiliates.

We’re not trying to take down fat loss factor or Google sniper per se. The reason for that is because although there are massive amounts of traffic in sales in those mass markets, it comes with massive competition too. When in you’re on a Niche that’s too big like the ones I’ve mentioned, internet marketing especially when you’re going through the top end competing with the big guys, the affiliates are going to attempt to pass you over for a name they already recognize. Would they promote your product or Frank’s products first?

Even if they are smart affiliates who rotate you’re going to see a general preference away from you and towards the big names so it’s truly hard to get that initial leverage.

This cost over the self-advertising too when we start advertising in this huge Niches.

If you want to make five figures a month, you can do that quite easily in this Mid sized Niches. You don’t have to necessarily go for the biggest and baddest Niches out there.

There are ways to carve up a Mid sized niche:

  • Subniches

    5299199423_f8de99f3ee_bWhen we think of a Subniche, we first have to think of a bigger Niche. These are subniches that are scoring between 20-80 or 35-60.When you start pushing above 100, you start getting into bigger, far more competitive Niches. And you could tell it by the Gravity Score itself that it is going to be competitive. The higher the Gravity Score is, the existence of subniches increases. There’s always multiple product that creates an all-in-one Gravity product.

    Let us think of  3 potential ways to slice a Niche for yourself and really eliminate 80% of the competition and without eliminating nearly as many sales.

    The other component are getting past the numbers is how you Subniche out from the larger industry.

    The biggest ones are Financial, Trading, Health, Fitness, and Relationships.

    Let us take into consideration “Guilt-free desserts”7932271896_9ce89f40ff_h

    When you are losing weight, at first you’re really motivated. On your first three days, you can probably go without dessert or any of the foods you don’t like anymore.

    After 1 or 2 weeks, be it a month or 2 months – that is a lot of time. You feel like you are missing out on life especially when you’re used to eating desserts every day.

    This is how you can create a Subniche, by finding a pane that is within the Niche or the broader Niche that could have mass traffic. It is isolating that pane and creating a product throughout that. Later you can back end into the whole industry, you build a list around this product and do you think this people would be interested in a weight loss offer? Absolutely!

    First person they turn to? YOU, especially because you are at the email address.

  • Islands

    These are not Mid Niches. In fact these are relatively Small Niches with a fairly decent Gravity Score.

    Let say for example: clip2
    In this case, we have children learning how to read. Clickbank here already shows us what is selling out there, and what is selling out using the affiliate strategy as well. It is very helpful in that regard.

    Between 30 – 60 is going to be ideal. You’re going to have a hard time finding a Gravity Score within the 60 range when you are looking for Islands. There’s much less traffic because affiliates are accustomed to working in places where there are lots of offers or there’s lots of traffic sources. Affiliates live in and breathe in traffic so they need those big markets to survive.

    If you are going to be building a product for yourself, you don’t necessarily need as big of a market. You could survive of a single decent traffic source, right?

    You’re the product owner, you have bigger margins. Look for an Island of pane and do not try to create an Island. This is more like a chain of Islands where you see one big Island and then you want to be the second Island of that same space so you could compete with these guys.

    My clients who have Island type of Niche businesses tend to have a consistent money meter over long periods of time. People are just unattracted to jumping into these off Niches so they survive for a lot longer. That is great for you because it needs longevity.

    These are the true Mid Tiers and we are going up a notch in terms of difficulty but also in potential profitability.

  •  Mid Tiers

    We are going up a notch in terms of difficulty but also in potential profitability.

   What is the defining trait of these? They do not have category killer 300 gravity products. Biggest product is          going to be about 100 gravity. That proves the size of the Niche for you without you getting completely knocked    out of the water by a multi-million dollar company.

There is a tradeoff to this.

You will build a bigger business and find a limited amount of JV opportunities in this Mid Tier Niches. The competition is going to be higher than Subniches or going for island types of info product businesses.

clip3Here is an example of a Survival product. This one’s on the higher end for a Mid Tier. It is easier to get to compete in and carve the really nice size if you know what you are doing.

We’re done with 3 strategies.

If you are like most of the internet marketers, you already have an idea of what you want to do. You may want to get into collecting or how to speak to a handful of clients that have that as a product.

Here’s the risk to it. When you’re getting started especially you have all these new variables that play and you just added a warm list if you are going to go with your own ideas.

7650740066_b756d75275_oHow are we going limit the risk of your new idea?

One final warning: the best time to have your own idea is when you already launched off the back of a proven idea. That point you have a client list that is more receptive, trusting and you have a feel for what they want.

My clients tend to do surveying up their list that can be just a casual email they send out. If you want to get more systematic about it, there are surveys that you can drop on to your website and have people answer several questions in exchange for a free bonus of some sort. You can also look at your own data to see who’s buying what and kind of get an idea of interesting new product that would allow that way.

Combination of all of these can really help push your new idea forward. Again, this is an idea when you’ve already crafted a niche.

When you want to really test out your ideas, let us discuss researching your fresh idea. What will be your basis in researching?

  1. Continuity Value

The best way you could do that is to take a look at magazines. There are so many gun collector magazines on Amazon that I cannot even fathom to count.

2985079501_b5c8878251_oThat is a very passionate Niche based on the amount of people who are willing to subscribe for subscription month after month if you are looking for a high Continuity niches that is going to play long term.

How can you slice the value into ever green content that people keep coming back for month after month?

If you’re talking about an industry as a whole that could make things a bit easier. You could talk about new products that are coming out. In this example, you could talk about new guns that are coming out. Other examples are like new gun cases, posters, ammunition and so on. You have an easy time when your Niche is heavily product oriented.

If you are a new parent and you are going into the parenting Niche, you are going to have to think about this in a different way. You might bring it down by what stage they’re at.

You might start you’re newsletter with baby just becoming and continuing up to the toddler and infancy years for example. Really think in terms of how you will spread it out your content for memberships and subscriptions.

      2.  Box Products

One-Time-DealThese are courses. These are one time sales and I don’t want you to think of these as inferior to Continuity Products. In fact, I think of them as better. I’ll tell you the reason why as we go along.

Sure you’re going to have people to buy a $300 or $500 product but revenues are locked in. When you’re dealing with Continuity, you’re dealing with more moving parts. How long would they stay subscribed? How will you deliver the content? Can you keep it fresh? And so on and so forth.

When you sell a $300 Box Product, you can give it your all. You don’t have to worry about portioning out your context. The value is very high. People who do the buying with you have moved up. They have ascended in terms of their value to you.

Think of them as like going from a bottom line Consumer to a Silver Member for example. You could hit up maybe a $1000 coaching program next time because you have ascended them to a $300 product with your DVD course for example.

clip 4Another example would be “How to speak Cantonese?”
I couldn’t find a single review on the first page of Amazon for any of the “How To” guides. I was able to find multiple guides for Mandarin/Chinese so that was obviously what that could be done much better.

You could even note at the title of this book that when I typed in “How to speak Mandarin” it defaulted to Chinese so that should really tell you which language is more pronounced even if you didn’t know about Cantonese and Mandarin before I started pitching it here.

Look for the “How To” guides on Amazon. You could also look at your favorite retailer if you prefer.

One note is that absolutely do not be put off by price range of your competitors. When you are creating a DVD course, the value is much higher. The fundamental or argument is not even related to the actual value you create – so much as the perceptional value.

When you are group feeding people information in your blog and they get a sense of how you talk, how you operate, your way of thinking, your approach to the problem – they don’t care about some $10 book kit on Amazon. They’re living in your ecosystem and they are going to buy from you.

      3.   Traffic Sources
blog-image-1It is critical that you understand your traffic sources that you will work with after you selected your Niche. You want to do this beforehand before you actually settle upon a Niche.

As you go into a quick briefing or how to write a course then you cannot find any blogs where you might be able to advertise it and there is no media opportunities, you go into Google Adword and you’re paying $10 per click because it just so happens that for example there are some competition in the market that could pay a lot more than you can.

If you have affiliate marketing experience it is going to pay big dividends here. If you don’t, you still better do your research to figure out what are your low leverage opportunities. So these are the things where you are trading your time for a little cost of access and exposure.

community-1024x576I am thinking of communities, Facebook groups, Q&A sites, forums, guest posts, blog posts, and your own blog if you’re willing to put in the time. This will be a bit little slower than these two options but it will certainly fall within the low leverage especially if you’re doing it yourself.

High leverage opportunities tend to be paid. You turn on money and you get some sales. You flip and give it some more then more sales come in.

This is a tougher play though because now your cost of doing business has risen. You are paying for every sale and some other people are paying too. You better be able to beat them based on the strength of your offer, and copy. That might not come right away so it would be better to start at low leverage sources just to identify them at this point and it makes sure they are available to you.

Low leverage are really where I want you to focus in terms of identifying your Traffic Sources for the fresh ideas that you want to consider.

The_4-Hour_Workweek_(front_cover)In his book “4 hour work week”, Ferris split tested different titles on Adwords for people looking to make money and retire early. That’s how he came up with the name for the “4 hour work week”. It is the most appealing title that people responded to. From that, he put it on his actual book and created a huge hit success.

You could do the same exact thing for your Niche idea. You don’t even need to make a profit at this point. Why? We can figure out a lower cost places to advertise later and we have a zero cost in terms of financial resources – places in terms of the low leverage sources that I mentioned on the last slide. We have those opportunities. Right now, it is okay for us pay a bit more as long as we see a decent conversion rate.

You can never excuse a terrible conversion rate. If it’s less than 1%, try to improve your targeting. If you cannot get it above that, then you would probably want to drop the Niche.

bing-ads-logoOne tip is to consider Bing Ads. Bing has about 1/3 of the search traffic these days. They are working away Google’s monopoly and still seem to be a bit of cheaper on most Niches.

I recommend you to start with them.

They are also a bit less restrictive than Google Adwords since it would be a trouble if your Niche idea is a bit racier and controversial. Google can definitely be aggressive about those types of ideas.

When you want to formalize your scoring process so you are not overly emotionally invested in anyone’s idea, another way you can help reduce your emotional commitment to a single idea is come up with a lot of them. That way you could objectively see the merits of each idea.

      4.  Proving the Idea
Start with the least 10-30 ideas. That is a manageable list. Shortlist 3-5 and pick your winner after doing a serious scoring. I want you to score on 5 metrics and these are in order of importance:

  • Affordable and accessible traffic sources
    Especially about Bing, you have an affordable traffic source. It’s likely a source that Bing under utilized by the competition or maybe you could just bring more value to the market. That specially can make a middle idea suddenly gain new weights. Just not a lot of those out there but if you found one, then score that one highly based on this criteria.
  • Level of evidence of viability
    It is dangerous to be a pioneer at the beginning. You can be a half pioneer in kind of having a unique idea especially when you’re using the Subniche strategy that I mentioned. Still look for evidence of viability. You can go even further than the discretion points that I gave here and look at Amazon reviews and see the level and mode of language that people are using. You could use that same strategy on Forums to see how much time of the people are lacking through their emotions versus their logic. They are actually trying to detail out the problem. The more emotional link you see, the more receptive this audience will be to info product that really hits their hearts with a good copy and has the benefits they are looking for.
  • Enjoyment factors
    How interesting would this product be to you? Now, this is more important than you might think because it basically dictates how fluid your day is going to be. None of those are robots. We need to put that tough guys mentality aside and become clear on that. The more you enjoy what you are doing, the more productive in business hours you will have each day. If you are not a fan of Victorian era fashion, then please do not go into that Niche. It is going to be something that makes you want to claw your eyes out for 8 hours a day if you could not even sit still that long. I would go into something that you have decent interest in. Decent is usually good enough because Niches that fill you gets more interesting overtime. Some things that jar you right from the beginning, you should probably avoid that.
  • How strong are the opportunities for Continuity or for making Big Box Sales?
    Again, you will be looking at magazines subscriptions, you’ll be looking at price points of competitors for the Big Box products, and you’ll be looking at how much people value the additional modalities of audio, text and even work books for them to follow along. So those are leverage we have for going for longer sales or bigger sales.
  • Finding market size
    I do not consider this as my priority for you as a new info product business owner. There are several ways to grow. The back end is going to be your strongest way most of the time. So when you look at the overall market size, you start going demographic calculations. You can actually run a rye and do research on the wrong direction. That’s why this is number 5. It’s somewhat important but it’s not critically important.

To score all of this within your 3-5 ideas that get shortlisted, you may have 1 clear winner or you may have couple of them. Do not feel bad if you have to shoo one that seemed like a strong candidate. Number 1 doesn’t work out; you can always return to that list and do to number 2.

Your niche is going to be on good footing. That is how you choose the perfect niche to make money.

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